It is all about…human filters and polyrhythm!!!

I am your filter for good music in this Internet-Jungle-Market. No depending on algorithms anymore! A real human being with feelings and a big heart for music, not an algorithm driven bot!

After I have been trying to explore Spotify and Co. I felt really frustrated and tired! Tired of having to listen to music or having to skip it because I don’t like tracks that Spotify is trying to palm off on me. This is one thing that I don’t like about it, but the second is, it is not good for the music and not good for artists in general. I prefer to support the artists and buy music! Music is cheaper than ever, you can get an album for just 7 EUR if you buy it digital, but still a lot of people are not willing to spend this little amount and support the work of an artist. I remember times, when it was impossible to get an album for 7 EUR. 7 EUR is not the world for the artist, but better than Spotify anyways. I buy as much as my budget allows me. I hear a crowd scream in the background: “BUT there are already MUSIC BLOGS!” My answer to this is: Yes, you are right, there are…BUT most of them are frustrating for the user! I found a lot of tracks I liked so much that I wanted to buy them, but there was no link, where I could get this track!!! Damn! Imagine, what I as a real music passionista did. I researched like crazy. Record stores, online shops, but couldnt find them. I asked myself: Was this release only announced in this blog, but it never really happened? And what’s more. The search engine of many music online stores are really user unfriendly! It is sometimes impossible to find sth even if you know the artist and the title. It can get really frustrating as you have already spent so many hours searching through those blogs!

Yes, there is a lot of music out there and it just got more difficult to find the music I like. But how to find the treasures? We just need the human filters more than ever now! That is what I believe: Follow a handful or two handful of your favorite DJs and you will know about the music you want! If you feel the same, support my BLOG and share it with your like-minded friends! Spread the word beacuse music is life and love!

I will write here about music and artists I admire…Artists that you might not find on Spotify & CO.. I present you fresh old and new releases I love! AND of course with the links where you can buy it!