At the end of the year Fradinho releases a remix compilation which we just need. Already the title "A Bright Future" is a mantra, that gives us the positive energy just to think optimistically in these difficult times. Positivity has to be the counterweight to all the negativity that is spreaded. Yes, we have the right to be upset and depressed, but does this give us the right to spread hatred and lead to division in society? The answer is NO! Yes, I know also negative feelings and thoughts and destructive behaviour. We all know it. But we have the responsibility and ability to overcome it. And this kind of music gives me personally the energy to take some action, continue what I am doing, be constructive and creative everyday and not giving up: For a better world and a bright future! Follow Fradinhos Mantra and let's believe in a bright future, because beliefs run the world! So grab this tune and it will stimulate your brain to feel some good vibes if you let it happen!

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