In 2007 DJIDADA began to hone her turntablism skills. Just a year later, word got around that there was a woman in town who was a turntablist. That was a sensation back then. Hip Hop and turntablism were male-dominated. She was hired by the city’s youth work office to offer turntablism / DJing workshops. Further orders and performance offers soon followed. Because DJIDADA has always been a passionate musician and music collector (she studied classical piano, among other things), after many years of being a DJ, she decided to produce her own music, because DJIDADA always has to learn and try something new. She’s just too curious. The more she learned about music technology, the more its possibilities opened up. And finally she realized that she could be her own band, because what else can you do if, after an unsuccessful search for band members, you want to join the DJIDADA’s special style of music and not rock and pop or rap or whatever. DJIDADA’s style of music is a mixture of jazz, funk, broken beats, UK garage and other forms of bass music. Energetic music, but sometimes also melancholy, socially critical, sometimes with, sometimes without words. She lives the freedom of art according to the rules of commercial music styles and still breaks all her rules. Where everything in modern music sounds smooth and clean today, DJIDADA strives for imperfection. In a world that always strives for perfection, this appears to be an important opposite pole.